BOD C50 Nearing Completion

Work on Sue and Adrian Bouckley’s BOD ‘Eider’ is progressing well. The interior is now complete and the plywood sub-deck is on. The sapele cockpit coamings, kingplanks and covering boards are fitted and the teak planking is now IMG_20150206_161209989[1] IMG_20150206_161217260[1] IMG_20150206_161249571[1] IMG_20150206_161346289[1] IMG_20150206_161841506[1] IMG_20150206_161856734[1] IMG_20150206_162005806[1] IMG_20150305_122201596[1] IMG_20150305_122332846[1] IMG_20150305_122303433_HDR[1] IMG_20150206_161935247[1]ready to be bonded in place. Launch is set for early May.